Natural Organic Cotton Sherpa Baby Sling
SLING Use directions:Unfold the sling.  Slip your right arm into the top part of the sling with the long side next to the right side of your body.  Continue by sliding the tip of the sling over your head onto your left shoulder.  The bottom part will be at your right side.  Then position the bottom seam and the top portion of the curved area near the navel. The bottom of the sling should be no lower than the bend in your leg at your lower hip and no higher than your belly button.  Hold your baby in your left arm as you open the sling with your right hand.  Lower your baby into the sling so that your baby's bottom rests on the bottom seam.  Look between you and your baby to make sure the febric on your side is up around your baby.  Once baby is secure, pul the shoulder strap fabric out over your shoulder.  Then stretch the fabric across our back to broaden the strap and provide more comfort for your back and shoulders.
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