Organic Cotton Damask Outer Ecowool Comforter

Our Premium Ecowool Comforter is filled with our wool which is  from sheep that are raised organically, without antibiotics, hormones, or other chemical treatments and certified organically processed by Oregon Tilth. No purer wool exists, our Premium Ecowool is equivalent in purity to our Certified Organic wool it is so pure. We follow all this purity by doing our own testing in a third party lab. Outer fabric is organic cotton damask. These wool comforters are hand tufted for a soft, fluffy feel. Made right here in California and packaged in our pure food grade polyethylene for total purity.  Although we offer the heavy fill, we recommend you use the regular fill and add a blanket if you need more warmth - this allows you to use the comforter for more of the year.  SPOT CLEAN ONLY

comfthumb.JPG EcoWool Comforter
 Our Regular Fill and Lite Fill, Damask Outer - Twin, Twin XL, Queen, King, Toddler, Crib Comforters.  This is our Certified Organically processed EcoWool Comforter. Our outer is  an elegant sturdy certified organic cotton damask outer. A perfect comforter to keep you warm and comfortable.

This comforter is made at our facility here in San Diego.
Price: $112.00 – $620.00
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