Crib 1.5" EcoWool Mattress Pad - Hand tufted
Our wool filled organic mattress pads are
1 1/2” of organically processed wool from organically raised sheep tufted
2 organic cotton outer. Processed in our own facility to keep out contaminants. The only organic wool that does not
process on machinery that processes other items. Because it has a natural wool filling it also works as a bacteria and
mildew resistant in addition to flame retardant. Wool wicks moisture away from your body so this is a good choice for
those that may sweat at night yet want a softer pad. Spot Clean only.
Our 1.5” Hand-Tufted Deluxe Mattress Pad gives your bed a soft lofty feel. The organic wool inside the luxurious
Organic cotton European shell regulates your body temperature for a night of pure bliss each and every time.
Spot Clean.
Price: $134.00
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