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Organic Blankets & Comforters

When it’s cold out, you want to make sure that your little one is staying warm under something truly pure and free of all chemicals!  Our comforters and blankets are just that!
We have various types of blankets all made of strictly certified organic cotton that are either undyed, or dyed using low impact dyes. Our comforters are available with either our Ecowool (You can read more about Ecowool in our "All about Mattresses Section) or our Certified Organic wool with a Certified Organic Cotton Damask Outer. These comforters are perfect for regulation of temperature and are hand tufted just for you! We also have duvet covers to add a cute touch to your Toddler's Comforter! As per our usual, no chemicals finishes or sprays and nothing made with unbreathable polyester! These Blankets and Comforters are the purest of the pure!


Results 31-36 of 3612