Organic Cotton Outer/EcoWool Fill Mattress Pad
Our wool filled organic cotton mattress pads are 3/4” or 1.5" of natural wool from organically raised sheep and then certified organically processed to keep out contaminants. Our wool is the only organic wool that is processed on machinery that is not used to process other items such as polyester mixed wool.  Hand tufted for a nice feel. Because it has a natural wool filling, it also works as a bacteria and mildew resistant fiber in addition to being flame retardant. Wool wicks moisture away from your body so this is a good choice for those that may sweat at night yet want a thicker pad. Spot Clean only.
PAD-WOOL_THUMB.jpg EcoWool 1.5" Mattress Pad
EcoWool Deluxe 1.5" Mattress Pad  - Soften your mattress with a layer of EcoWool wrapped in our Damask Organic Cotton and then hand tufted.  Made in USA

Though not necessary, it is always good to regularly turn, flip, and air these out. Putting out in the Sun is also beneficial.

Price: $294.00 – $559.00
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