Wool Filled Comforters with Organic Cotton Outer are SPOT CLEAN ONLY - Our Premium EcoWool and our Certified Organic Wool Comforters are a fluffy, warm way to sleep comfortably! 

Our newest addition - Organic Cotton 400 tc Natural Luxury Striped Outer on our EcoWool Comforters. 

Our Organic Cotton Damask Outer options adds an elegant touch with lightly shiny cotton ball stating "Organic Cotton" . The organic cotton damask is sturdier then our sateen.

Our Organic Cotton Sateen Outer has a more smooth look, though is less sturdy than our organic cotton damask outer. It is also available in Whitened vs. Undyed.

Difference between Ecowool and Certified Organic wool: While we believe the Ecowool (see test results under Organic Certifications on bottom of Home Page) is of equal purity to our Certified Organic wool (and is fluffier), the Certified Organic wool is fully certified including the wool itself and the processing, while the Ecowool is certified organic in its processing. The Ecowool is also USA wool, while the Certified Organic Wool is from New Zealand.

COMFORTER SIZES: Twin 68x86"; Twin XL 68x94"; Full 78 x 86"; Queen 86x86"; King 86 x 100", Cal King 98x100". EURO Twin 54 x78"; Crib 35 x 53"; Toddler 40x56".

COMFORTER FILL WEIGHTS:  Lite, Regular, Heavy:    Twin 36,49, 63 oz; Twin XL 39, 54, 68 oz; Full 39, 54, 68 oz; Queen 50, 68, 86 oz; King 58, 74, 100 oz; Cal King 68, 85, 106 oz.; Toddler 15.5, 19.5, 22 oz; crib 11.5, 15.5 oz. 19.5 oz.; EURO Twin 32, 38, 45.

EcoWool Comforter w/sateen 280 tc outer
This is our Certified Organically processed EcoWool Comforter. Our outer is  280 tc sateen organic cotton.   A perfect comforter to keep you warm and comfortable.

This comforter is made at our facility here in San Diego.
Price: $170.00 – $553.00
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