Our Natural Rubber Toppers have a supportive insert of natural rubber with 100% pure organically processed wool under a quilted organic cotton cover on the top side — the underside is organic cotton. Elastic straps hold the topper in place, yet make it easy to remove to take with you or for airing out OR Choose our 2" Organic Cotton Knit outer topper(non removable outer) Not only is it comfortable but it is also breathable and naturally repellent to dust mites. It can easily be rolled for traveling convenience.
2" Natural Quilted Outer Rubber Topper 2" Natural Rubber XtraSoft Core with Organic Cotton Quilted to Organically Processed EcoWool Topper with straps. OR Choose our 2" Knit Outer Mattress Topper (spot clean only) - this allows you to feel the softness of your topper due to its stretchiness.  Twin - Cal King.  Made in our facility in San Diego, CA. $434.00
2" Natural Rubber Knit Outer Topper 2" 100% natural rubber extra soft core with an organic cotton non-removable knit outer(spot clean only). This 2" mattress topper is ideal for those who'd like to add a little extra contour to their bed. Twin- Cal. King. Made in our facility in San Diego, CA.

Composition: 100% Natural Dunlop Rubber, Organic Cotton.