EcoWool Comforter w/sateen 280 tc outer
comfdetail.JPG This Eco/Wool comforter will be an automatic favorite once you first get to try it! Warms you up to just the right temperature due to wool's natural temperature regulating properties.  SPOT CLEAN ONLY

Our EcoWool is certified organically processed at the only USA certified organic carding mill .  Additionally, the outer is certified organic cotton 280 tc sateen and this comforter is hand tufted to prevent shifting of the wool over time.  There may be a wait of 3-5 business days before the comforter ships. If you need this rushed, feel free to contact us and we will see what we can do.

We recommend Light fill for those who live in not very cold regions like Southern California and Florida. The light fill also works good as an all seasons comforter, if you do live in a colder region just add a blanket or two in the winter.

The Medium fill is perfect for those who live in colder regions or places which get snow like the East Coast and Northern California.

Heavy fill is not recommended unless one lives in an extremely cold region like Alaska or Greenland as it has to be stored for much of the year as it is very warm.

Our comforters are warrantied for 1 year against manufacturer defects. Comforters arrive completely protected and sealed in food grade polyethylene to retain purity. This comforter is made at our facility here in San Diego.

Due to the wool fill of our comforters, they are spot clean only, luckily though, wool is naturally mold and bacterial resistant so there is no need to worry about the inside if the comforter were to get dirty.  We do recommend getting a duvet cover for our comforters for added protection, though it is not necessary. Duvet covers can be found in our organic cotton sheets section.
Price: $170.00 – $553.00
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