Organic Cotton Pet Haven Other Options
Pet Haven LimeSwirl Det Various Fabric and color options. All organic cotton. Small picture shows the Khaki Twill, which is a Khaki Twill outer with the option of either a Blue Flannel  pillow, Natural Fleece pillow, Khaki Twill pillow, or Black Fleece pillow. Please specify in the comments.

Small picture shows the Khaki Twill option incorrectly, it is actually a Khaki Twill Outer and a Khaki Twill Pillow inner.

Big picture shows the Lime Swirl option, which has a Lime Swirl outer and a Lime Swirl pillow. The Lime swirl, Dandelion, and Khaki Twill Option will be easiest for washing. The Brown Chenille and Brown Stripe Chenille options use the same brown or brown stripe chenille seen in the other pet bed pictures and hides dirt very well.

If you want an option you don't see here, inquire so in the comments section of your order and we will contact you to get it available.

Price: $125.00
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