Celestial Dual Pillowtop 11" Innerspring Mattress
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The Celestial has our organic outer consisting of organic cotton damask quilted to our premium EcoWool. Our innersprings are made with alternating coils from head to toe versus the usual side to side, this results in a better mattress with more contoured support then your usual innerspring.

Additionally, we add a 2" thick extra soft natural rubber topper on both the top and bottom of this mattress giving you not just a supportive mattress, but also a extremely comfortable one for those who like a cushioning.

Our PureRest Celestial Dual Pillowtop Innerspring mattress has deluxe 660 coil count heat tempered coils  and a 2" thick extra soft natural rubber topper on both sides which is covered with our thick layer of organically processed Ecowool that is quilted to our deluxe PureRest european organic cotton damask fabric. 

This quilting ensures that the wool will not migrate out over the years. Our wool is strictly tested, you can see the test results for our wool and other raw materials in our organic certifications section. Border wire is 6 gauge and coil wire is 14.5 gauge.

This mattress is recommended for those who like a comfortable feel and works perfectly for adults and children alike.  
Price: $1,575.00 – $3,284.00
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