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Our Pure-Rest Sagittarius natural rubber mattress has three 3" layers of fully customizable and interchangeable layers of natural rubber. Tested to 100 parts per billion(.1mg/kg) for various chemicals to ensure purity of our natural rubber, this is nature's perfect substitute for chemically laden foam.

For more information about the Sagittarius, please click on the Sagittarius Zip Mattress Item. If you don't see the configuration you want, email and we will set it up for you to order.
Sagittarius Zip Outer 10" Natural Latex Mattress
The Zip Outer Sagittarius is one of our customizable mattresses which enables to pick a feel and firmness just right for you. This mattress has three, 3" thick, natural rubber cores resulting in 9" total of natural latex. With various firmness choices for the cores, you can pick exactly what you like to give you the perfect feel. All Dunlop processed rubber.

Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Calfornia King size.

Need help with how to order your mattress combination? Read here: Include Firmest & Split Layers first then less firm layers. For example, if wanting a mattress with layers (split Firm/Firm), (split Extra Firm/Firm), & (Extra Firm); you would order: (Bottom Split Extra Firm/Firm), (Middle Split Firm/Firm), & (Top Extra Firm).

Here is the chronological order of layers to include first to last: (Split Extra Firm/Extra Firm), (Split Extra Firm/ Firm), (Split Firm/Firm), (Extra Firm), (Firm), (Extra Soft).
Please note this mattress is shipped in individual peices so you can put these layers once recieved, in whatever order you desire.
Queen Sagitarrius Zip Off Outer Queen Sagitarrius 9" Zip off Outer - organic cotton quilted to organic wool. SPOT CLEAN ONLY $952.00