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Our Harmony is available in firm or extra firm.   It is also good as a child’s first bed in the Firm if looking for one that will last through college and beyond, but still give the support the child needs now for their growing bones. It has a six inch rubber core and is available with a zip outer or available tailored style. The outer, tailored or zip, adds another inch in total giving a 7 inch bed. Our Zip outer Harmony is also available with two 3” cores of same or different firmnesses.  Available in Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full Size in either Firm or Extra Firm. In the case of two 3” cores, it is available in the firmnesses of extra soft, firm, and/or extra firm.

EVEREST is available in Twin and Twin XL only.  3-2" cores.

To see our tailored Harmony's,  please go to our "Natural Rubber Organic Outer Mattresses” section or our "Youth Mattresses" section in our “Organic Mattresses” section.

Harmony 7" Zip Outer Mattress Our Harmony Zip Outer Mattress is one of our more basic zip outer natural rubber mattresses with a focus on purity, support, and customization. The zip outer harmony has two 3" cores available in various firmnesses you select. In Queen, King, and Cal. King, the bottom layer can be split down the middle for even more customization.
Available in Ca. King, King, Queen, Full, Twin XL, or Twin.

With the Harmony Zip Outer Mattress, using the Extra Soft as a top layer in this mattress is not recommended for adults as it may not be supportive enough.
Twin XF/Firm/XSoft Everest
Twin 2 + 2 + 2"  XF/Firm/XS  cores for a ZIP Customizable Mattress.  Great for changing firmnesses for child to teen.  Purchasing a firm or extrafirm when 150 lbs is reach, is recommended to replace the xtrasoft.
Twin XL -- XF/Firm/XSoft Everest
Twin XL  2 + 2 + 2 XF/Firm/XS Everest Customizable Mattress.  Great for changing firmnesses for child to teen.  Great to send off to college for maximum customizability. After 150 lbs, it is recommended you purchase a firm or extra firm core to replace the xtrasoft.
XF, F, XS Full Size Everest Zip One of our amazing Everest Zippered mattresses in the Full Size! Click here for more information! $1,766.00  
Full 6" Zip on Mattress Outer Full Harmony 6" Zip off outer - organic cotton quilted to organically processed wool.  SPOT CLEAN ONLY. $825.00