Atlantis Pillowtop 6+2" Natural Latex Mattress
The Atlantis has our organic outer consisting of organic cotton damask quilted to our premium EcoWool. Our natural latex is all dunlop processed as we have found talalay process not to meet our purity standards. The solid 6" thick support natural latex core has the option of being either firm or extra firm, depending on your preferences.

The natural rubber extra soft 2" thick pillowtop on this mattress adds subtle addition of softness to this mattress perfect for those who just want a little cushioning to their mattress. We recommend this or any of our natural latex mattresses to be on a slatted bed frame or foundation in order to give proper breathability the latex needs. 

The quilting done to our premium ecowool and organic cotton damask outer ensures that the wool will not migrate out over the years. No poly-backing or chemical treatments any of our wool. Our wool is strictly tested, you can see the test results for our wool and other raw materials in our organic certifications section.

Please note, even though our ecowool and premium ecowool are not certified organic, the processing for this wool is certified organic by oregon tilth and this wool tests of equal purity to our certified organic. For more information on our ecowool feel free to call us or read about it here:

This mattress is recommended for those who prefer a mattress on the firmer side, but still need a little cushion.
Price: $1,509.00 – $2,864.00
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