9" Atlantis Pillowtop Mattress
People who like a good supportive surface and minimal sensation of movement from partner prefer this model. Great support, moves with your body without resistance and keeps your back in correct alignment. This model has it’s own enclosed 2"extra soft rubber topper for a pillowtop feel without compromising the 6"  supportive core. Ours has the deluxe 3 lbs of wool per yard for extra softness and breathability. The unique tack n jump quilting fluffs up the top of this mattress. We do not use flame retardant chemicals in any of our mattresses. Instead we use untreated, organically processed, wool to meet the fire retardant standards naturally.We strictly test our natural rubber to 100 parts per billion(.1mg/kg) and our Wool raw material and fabrics to 1 part per million(1mg/kg) in order to ensure the purity. Check out our test results in our Certifications and Testing section.
PILLOWMAT_THUMB.jpg Atlantis Pillowtop 6+2" Natural Latex Mattress
The Atlantis is one of our firmer mattresses, but thanks to its pillowtop is has a slightly softer feel then firm mattress like a harmony would. This mattress has our supportive 6" Firm or Extra Firm natural latex core and a natural rubber extra soft 2" thick pillowtop. All Dunlop processed rubber. This results in a pretty supportive mattress, but with a little cushion to add some comfort.
Available in Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, King, and Calfornia King size.
Price: $1,509.00 – $2,864.00
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