Our standard 7" Apollo, our Triton with added quilted organic cotton on one side for a more padded feel ; our Atlas with added quilted organic cotton to both side for a deluxe innerspring; our 9" Selene which has a 2" xtrasoft latex top, our 10" Athena which has a 3" extrasoft latex top, our 11" Celestial which has 2-2" extrasoft latex top (one on each side), 12" Libra  with a 2" and a 3" xtrasoft latex top are crafted with our finest USA quilted organic cotton and USA organically processed EcoWool (Eco Wool is entirely derived from regional/domestic flocks of sheep that are raised following industry-leading sustainability and cruelty free standards, and are raised following a specific criteria that ensures top quality, natural wool without the sheep being treated or their surrounding area/pastures with pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, etc. ). Click onto our all about mattresses tab to learn more about our Ecowool! The extra firm innerspring is generously layered with quilted organic cotton and Quilted  EcoWool.  We quilt both layers so neither layer shifts with time.  As with all our mattresses, the outer is our imported  European Organic Cotton Damask with the word  "Organic" and Leaves woven into the fabric for a nice distinctive elegant look. 

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Queen Leo 8" Zip Outer
Queen Leo 8" Zip Outer - organic cotton quilted to organically processed EcoWool. SPOT CLEAN ONLY
Price: $938.00
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