Gemini Twin XF Zip Outer
mat zip (2).JPG ZIP OUTER IS SPOT CLEAN ONLY - IT IS NOT WASHABLE - you can remove to put in the sun to freshen - DO NOT PUT IN THE SUN IF IT IS WET OR DAMP. This mattress is in total about 5" thick with a 4.5" natural latex core encased in a wool and organic cotton damask quilted zip outer. 

This mattress is the perfect affordable guest bed! It has a very firm feel and a nice simple look along with having the same purity and made with the same materials as all of our other organic outer tailored natural rubber mattresses. Our latex tested to 100 parts per billion for purity and our wool tested to 1 part per million for purity, you know you are getting something truly pure and safe for your family!

This mattress is also good as a child's first bed in the Firm, though it is recommended one adds a topper once the child hits teenager years as the Gemini by itself is not supportive enough for a teenager or adult for permanent usage. The topper is also recommended if one wants to add softness to the mattress.
Price: $898.00
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