Health Mate Bedroom Machine

 “This is a very sophisticated bedroom air purification system, made by one of the most-reputable manufacturers in the industry,” says National Sleep Foundation CEO David M. Cloud.

The first bedroom purifier to carry the National Sleep Foundation name, the Bedroom Machine features an innovative five-stage filtration system including 60 sq. ft. of certified HEPA filter and Austin Air's unique HEGA carbon cloth filter. The Bedroom Machine captures the full spectrum of indoor airborne pollutants, relieving respiratory stress so that you can sleep. 

  The NSF Bedroom Machine eliminates:

  • Allergens, like dust mites and pet dander
  • Asthma-triggering irritants
  • Smoke
  • Mold, mildew, & fungi
  • Germs, viruses, & bacteria
  • Chemicals, gases, VOCs, & odors

Bedroom Machine Features:

  • First bedroom purifier to carry National Sleep Foundation name
  • Cleans up to 1500 sq. ft. of air in about 15 minutes
  • All-steel housing with a baked-on powder coat
  • Casters make it easy to move
  • Filter Features:
    • 5-stage filter with 60 ft. of true HEPA filtration plus Austin Air's unique HEGA filter
    • Captures 99.97% of all particles larger than 0.3 microns
    • Captures 95% of all particles 0.1 micron and smaller

    • Bedroom Machine Purifier Body
    • Bedroom Machine Filter
    • Permafilt Pre-filter
Price: $593.00 – $765.00
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