NEW ITEM! These mattresses feature a organic wool puddle pad outer and either our Ecowool or Insulator  Wool fill, this is a strictly wool mattress with premium hand tufting. There are no chemical treatments done to this mattress and this mattress, like all of our mattresses, does not use any chemical flame retardants. Please note, while having great breathability, this mattress is not as firm as our natural rubber infant mattresses.

The Insulator wool is firmer than the Ecowool.

Wool Filled Infant Mattress Thumb Insulator
NEW!!!Organic Wool Outer Insulator Infant 2.5" Mattress
Certified Organic Wool Puddle Pad outer;  2.5" Organic wool insulator Fill Infant Mattress - to replace the vinyl one that comes with many infant beds.  Our All Wool Infant Mattress.  Made in USA San Diego, CA).  12 layers of 300 g ecowool felted wool insulator inside our wool puddle pad fabric.
Price: $187.00 – $294.00
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