Organic and Natural Crib Mattresses
We have various organic crib mattresses which are either made with our natural latex or our 260 untreated steel coils for the main support, the core of your crib mattress. On the outer we have either our organic cotton quilted wool outer or our untreated wool moisture pad outer.  Purity is our main goal which is why we use natural materials in our mattresses and do not use synthetics or chemical flame retardants. We use wool in our mattresses to meet the flame retardancy standards as wool is a natural flame retardant, and passes all california standards.

Our various certifications can be viewed, along with our testing, at our Certifications and Testing Section. 
For more information about our Purity, check out our 'About Us' section in the upper left hand corner of our website.
PAD LEAVES FITTED THUMB Crib Fitted Organic Cotton Knit Deluxe Mattress Pad
Stretchy Mattress fitted Sheet Crib-ORGANIC Cotton Deluxe Knit - so soft.   This can also work as a lighter mattress pad.  Will shrink approximately 15% when washed and dried, warm water delicate washing and regular dry.
Price: $93.00
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SF MOI THUMB Untreated Fine Wool Baby Mattress Pad
Untreated Fine (19-22 micron)  Wool Moisture Pad for Baby. Made with untreated USA wool from Oregon, Washington, Montana, Idaho, North and South Dakota, Wyoming, Colorado, and Minnesota (really cold climates). Hand Wash or Machine wash delicate - hand wash cycle, cool, hang dry out of sunlight.  Less microns makes the pad softer to the touch.
Price: $57.00 – $141.00
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