Wool Outer 4.5" LARGE Crib Mattress
woolouter MAT 4"

Our 4.5" thick natural rubber large crib mattress featuring an untreated wool puddle pad fabric outer instead of the usual quilted wool outer. This mattress does not contain any cotton. 

This mattress is easier to use with changing sheets and works for the large crib size.

Wool is used for a variety of reasons including its natural temperature regulating properties, natural fire retardant properties, breathability, and its bacterial resistance. 

The dunlop processed natural rubber inner is 100% natural.This crib mattress has an overall very firm feel which is ideal for babies and toddlers alike. Due to this mattress being strictly comprised of untreated natural wool and natural rubber, its care is very low maintenance. 

It is recommended to use this large crib mattress in combination with an organic cotton quilted pad for additional liquid protection and ease of use.

Price: $440.00
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