Apollo 260 Coil Crib Mattress

Our innerspring mattress is the best on the market. We used to carry other mattresses, but found that the ones with fewer than 260 coils and where the organic cotton was not being quilted, caused too many returns from body impressions and shifting of cotton. So we make ours with 260 coils of U.S. steel and we use a fully quilted organic cotton batting layer for total stability. We then cover all this with our Ecowool which is organically processed (the process is certified by Oregon Tilth). Size can have a variance of 1/2" in length or width.

More details on our innersprings:

Our innerspring crib mattresses are made with 260 coil and the border wire is 6 gauge and the coils are 15.5 gauge.  It is made with alternating coil going from head to foot (as opposed to cheaper innerspring units that have the coils going side to side which adds to feeling motion). The unit is 6” thick.

Price: $388.00
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