NEW: EcoWool moisture pad fabric outer and certified organically processed EcoWool inside of our 2.5" Infant Mattresses for a totally breathable futon type feel and ALSO NEW 12 Layers of ecowool felted wool 3" Infant Mattress w/Eco wool moisture/puddle pad fabric outer for a firm but less soft feel - also totally breathable.  Our ALL WOOL mattress for infants.

Our natural Eco Wool Topped 1.5" and 2" mattresses feature our EcoWool moisture pad wool fabric on one side and organic cotton damask on the other.  Using the wool top gives resistance to r urine and accidents over our 1.5" of pure natural rubber. Easy to care for.  USA

Our natural organic wool outer top and bottom so is flippable on the  3" mattresses - feature our organic moisture pad wool outer to resist urine and accidents on our 3" of pure natural rubber.

We make these right here in California. Any size organic mattress for your baby. Custom sizes available. Our mattresses feature our organic merino wool to resist urine and accidents over our 1.5" of pure natural firm rubber. Easy to care for. USA

Fitted Sheets available for 1.5, 2., 3".  The 3 " will fit all, because of the elastic all around.