Toddler Deluxe Quilted Comforter

Our deluxe quilted Eco Wool comforters are expertly quilted with our eye catching S quilting, perfect to complement any bedroom. Wool is the perfect fill in these beautiful comforters. Our amazing Eco Wool brand wool fill is certified organically processed and made with absolutely no chemical treatments or harm to the happy sheep in Oregon where this wool comes from. Polyester makes you sweat and too warm on even the coldest of nights while wool keeps you at the perfect temperature through nearly all types of weather. Wool also naturally deters dust mites and bed bugs so you can sleep even more relaxed. We know you will love this high quality comforter and after the first night of using it, never want to use any other comforter again.

*This comforter is spot clean only, wool naturally does not allow bacteria or mold to harbor in it so you do not need to worry about the inside of the comforter.
*This comforter has a warrantee for one year against manufacturer defects.

*Not returnable once opened from plastic.

*Once opened, please allow two to three days for the natural wool and organic cotton odor to air out and dissipate after being in packaging.

Price: $95.00
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