Our Ecowool
organicwoolicon.jpg We get our EcoWool from Woolgatherers Carding Mill in Northern California.  See information on why we chose this supplier under consumer education on our website.  We have been dealing with Nathon whom is our supplier for EcoWool for quite a few years. EcoWool is from sheep from select domestic suppliers in Northern California and Southern Oregon along the costal region where the fog and grazing is the best, (less veggie matter, lush green pastures).  Although our suppliers for this wool product are not certified organic, they do not use any pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, or hormones. They care for the sheep equally to the certified organic wool sheep. 

One of purest wools you can find, we believe it to be equal in purity to the certified organic woolThe EcoWool is tested for pesticides and naturally occurring heavy metals such as lead or arsenic at the UC Davis Animal Toxicology Lab. Go to our Organic Certifications to see test results for our Ecowool.