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Natural Latex & Innerspring Mattresses!

Pure-Rest Purity

We're for a truly pure Organic Mattress.
Located in San Diego, CA; We offer some of the best Natural and Organic Mattresses around. Made in the USA by us.

Our commitment to purity and quality is the reason we send our materials for third party testing. This testing, depending on what is being tested, tests the raw material or product from 100 parts per billion(.1 mg/kg) or 1 part per million(1 mg/kg). 

Our various certifications can be viewed, along with our testing, at our Certifications and Testing Section.

To ensure further purity, our location, floors, and sewing tables are painted with AFM Safecoat, which seals our location, floors, and sewing tables. We also only hire people willing to use no scented products and whom do not live with a smoker. Additionally, we seal any non washable products in pure virgin  polyethylene to maintain purity during storage and transit. We do this all in an effort to make sure your organic products do not become contaminated and do maintain their purity.

If you have any questions about our purity, or anything else, feel free to call us or email us and

we would be happy to assist you.